CloudSoda Acquires DataIntell

Creating Modern Data Management for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Era

Burbank, CA- June 18, 2024 – CloudSoda, a leading provider of data management with secure data access and mobility, and DataIntell, a leading data insights and visualization provider, today announced the next chapter of their multi-year partnership and technology integration to better address AI capabilities that customers are demanding.

Historical computing practices, including disparate protocols, multi-vendor environments, multi-clouds, and the emergence and importance of the edge, have left data fragmented and inaccessible with little ability to share and collaborate. These issues, as well as data governance and security, have created a complex environment for data management that requires completely new thinking and perspective. 

Putting data at the center, CloudSoda and DataIntell combine their expertise to expand modern data management capabilities breaking down infrastructure barriers. Customers benefit from a comprehensive view of their data landscape enabling data-driven actions and automated workflows. This merger sets CloudSoda apart from conventional data management solutions, offering enterprise companies and cloud service providers an unparalleled secure solution for AI-ready data.

“CloudSoda has experienced exponential growth since coming out of stealth mode five months ago,” said Tim Page, CloudSoda’s Board Member and Acting CEO. “CloudSoda was born in the media and entertainment industry with its ability to securely move unstructured data at unmatched speed and scale. With the recent emergence of AI, our technology became a powerful enabler across industries as customers and service providers grappled with data management. For example, we now have customers that scan billions of files and move high volumes of data to and from the edge, and in and out of AWS Deep Glacier. We found that our partnership with DataIntell was increasingly beneficial with the ability to discover and visualize data through a single pane of glass. So, today our powerful technology gives customers an ‘easy to implement’ means of discovering ALL their data, gaining insights, creating a data strategy and actioning that strategy.”

International Data Corporation (IDC) has stated that data availability and quality are the top challenges for maximizing the value of AI initiatives.1

“As many businesses are racing to build their AI strategies, most are realizing that their data management strategy needs to come first,” said Olivier Rivard, CEO of DataIntell. “With an intelligent, cohesive data strategy, forward-thinking companies will certainly have a competitive advantage.”

Dimension Market Research highlights the worldwide AI Data Management Market’s significant growth. According to their projections, the market is expected to soar to USD 34.7 billion by 2024 and further escalate to an impressive USD 260.3 billion by 2033. The market is further anticipated to register a CAGR of 25.1% from 2024 to 2033.2

“Customers understand that their data is their most important asset and they want to own their data without lock-ins or silos,” added JD Trout, CloudSoda’s Chief Technology Officer. “Secure interoperable data from edge, core and cloud is valuable for sharing and collaboration and for training AI models for more effective inferences. To support this effort, a modern data management strategy is essential”

About DataIntell

DataIntell is a leading intelligent data insights and visualization provider. The DataIntell software provides storage and data analytics across the storage landscape enabling insights for actionable intelligence. For more information, visit

About CloudSoda

CloudSoda is a leading provider of data management with secure data access and mobility. The new expanded CloudSoda offers AI-ready intelligent data management from discovery and analytics through enabling governance, collaboration, movement, and continuous data lifecycle optimization. With data at the center, CloudSoda offers a modern approach to data management in the AI era. For more information, visit or contact

  1. IDC’s Future Enterprise and Spending Survey (Wave 2, March 2023) identified issues of data availability and data quality as the #1 challenge – cited by 29% of respondents worldwide