Refreshing data management

Introducing SoDA, a new refreshing way to control data movement between storage tiers, on-site and in the cloud. Eliminate the complexity of data management and get real-time insights into the true cost for ingesting and retrieving your data from the cloud.

Take control of your unstructured data

The cost and complexity of a cloud-integrated storage environment can get away from even the most experienced IT professionals. SoDA seamlessly integrates with any SMB, NFS, S3 storage, Azure Blob and Google Cloud Platform empowering you to make intelligent decisions about where your data is stored.

Analyze, manage, and control your unstructured data with confidence and efficiency like never before.

A refreshing take on your data management strategy

Find out how SoDA software puts you in control of your entire storage environment, gives you valuable insight needed to make smart storage decisions, and greatly simplifies data movement and archival.

  • Insight Insight
  • Control Control
  • simplicity Simplicity

Storage, cost, transfer times

  • With our built-in predictive analytics engine, SoDA gives you the insight into the cost before you commit any data movement
  • SoDA’s informative dashboards provide a holistic view of your cloud storage utilization, taking the guesswork out of data expenditures once and for all
  • Gives you insight into data whether on prem or in the cloud

Automate, empower, oversee

  • Simply build and automate intelligent storage policies
  • Safely test and analyze data transfers before you commit
  • Monitor your data with real-time dashboards
  • Control your cost with our unique Budget Limiter

Easy for the IT admin and end users alike

  • Single Pane of Glass for Data Usage, Cost analysis, and movement
  • Admin and End User Access and control
  • Integration with 3rd party applications allowing end users insight into costs
  • Multi-tenant chargeback capable

Why SoDA is Unique

Consolidated Data Management
Consolidated Data Management
Unlimited Transfer Capacity Included
Unlimited Transfer Capacity Included
Dry Run Predictive Analytics
Dry Run Predictive Analytics
Customizable Dashboard & Reporting
Customizable Dashboard & Reporting
Cost Metrics
Cost Metrics
Real Time Monitoring
Real Time Monitoring
MAM Connectors
MAM Connectors

Technology Partners

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Dalet’s cloud native Flex takes full advantage of a micro-services architecture allowing for a highly elastic and modular MAM capable of leveraging on-premise resources for a true hybrid deployment. With our SoDA connector wrapped in Flex’s Job Execution Framework we’re able to build powerful multi-site hybrid workflows.

With a focus on workflow automation, Reach Engine’s MAM is highly extensible with dozens of integrations and customizations that empower media supply chain through its entire lifecycle. With our Reach Engine connector we further empower automation by plugging in SoDA as the intelligent data mover.

IPV’s philosophy that creative professionals shouldn’t have to worry about where their media is in order to work with it has made Curator and CuratorNow an immensely popular fit for work-in-progress editorial workflows. SoDA is a natural fit here, by automating data movement in the background, editors are free to work on their projects while Curator handles remote conform jobs leveraging SoDA as needed to move media seamlessly.

Squarebox’s CatDV MAM combines a catalog of contextual and technical metadata with a workflow engine to drive media workflow. The easy to use rich client, web client and editorial plugins help drive user adoption into the centrally managed MAM world. By integrating SoDA with CatDV, users are more self-sufficient to drive data movement between various tiers of storage, both on premise and in the cloud.

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