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Cloud Data Management Platform

Gain profound visibility and control over your storage ecosystem.

Seamlessly access your data across edge, core, and cloud—while accelerating data mobility, workflow management, protection, archive, and collaboration—all with enhanced storage cost visibility and advanced BI.

Managing data is always challenging... or is it?

Organizations face complex data management challenges regardless of industry or sector. These challenges include complex storage ecosystems, the absence of cost visibility, advanced business intelligence (BI) across diverse storage types, and the complexities of managing data mobility, workflow processes, data protection and archival procedures, and collaboration. That’s why most companies seek a unified platform to manage their storage ecosystem efficiently, track data locations, understand associated costs, and facilitate accelerated data movement across any storage platform.

Explore how our comprehensive Global Data Management Platform can empower you to effectively navigate these challenges, streamline your operations, and embrace data-driven decision-making. Welcome to a new era of heightened efficiency and productivity.

The Data Management Solution

Our platform helps you understand your data’s value, storage costs, and time and expenses. Whether you’re collecting data from edge devices, archiving data to public or private clouds, facilitating workflow processes, collaborating, or distributing content, our platform provides users with a comprehensive and easy-to-use data management solution that is flexible enough to contend with the complexities of managing multiple storage targets, wherever they are.

Accelerated Data Movement

Move data quickly, securely, and automatically.

Profound Cost Insights

Gain deep insights into the costs of storing and moving your data.

Storage Agnostic

Global visibility and control data across diverse storage platforms.

Powerful Capabilities

Data Acceleration

Data acceleration for any storage.

Anywhere-to-Anywhere Data Movement

Seamlessly move data from edge to core to cloud and back.

Agents for Access
to Any Storage

Support for various operating systems and protocols to access any storage.

Policy-Based Data Management

Schedule automated data management to meet your SLAs.

Completely Secure

End-to-end encryption and validation of data transfers ensure data security and integrity across your storage ecosystem.

Multi-Cloud Support

Compatibility with various public and private cloud storage providers for all cloud storage.

Advanced Data Placement

Detect hot and cold data and natively integrate it with hot and cold cloud tiers to optimize data placement.

The CloudSoda Difference

We are committed to being the world’s leading, most secure data management platform, enabling powerful data-cost insights and seamless collaboration—providing the ability to work faster and more efficiently by removing the common barriers of dispersed data.


Track storage and data movement by users, groups, projects, or departments to know how much it costs to store and move data.

Intelligent Data Placement

Discover the value of your data and automate data intelligence ™.

Storage Cost Analytics

Track how much your data is costing you across your storage ecosystem.
Custom Cloud Tagging

Custom Cloud Tagging

Gain granular visibility and control with custom cloud tagging.

Deployment Models.

Global Data Management

Consolidated view across all storage in your environment.
Custom Cloud Tagging


End-to-end encryption and data validation across our platform.
Open API.

Open API

Easily integrate with third-party solutions with call-in and call-back. 

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    What Our Customers are Saying

    We were concerned about data migration from multiple legacy NAS storage systems into a hybrid cloud model. CloudSoda made our migration refreshingly easy by connecting into our media asset management environment to enable our long term preservation and archive workflows.

    Jason Lavine

    Los Angeles Chargers

    CloudSoda provides a cost-effective, reliable solution to help us move 1PB of data and billions files into the cloud, while maintaining our 99.999% SLA.

    Luca Intini


    We have been able to hire some of the best artists in the world and we don’t believe that would have been possible without the help of CloudSoda.


    Laurence Cymet

    CloudSoda eliminated a 7-figure spend [for us] by removing the process of shipping manual drives and providing a cost-effective disaster recovery solution.

    Tom Wolf

    World of Wonder

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