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SoDA: Refreshing Data Management

Case Studies

The Cleveland Guardians

Accelerated upload of video footage from anywhere

SoDA Accelerates Data Protection to Backblaze B2

WeFX taps SoDA empowering the best remote artists around the world

World of Wonder Logo

SoDA enables multi-site data transfer and data protection & archive

Gamestar+ Delivers Social Games on Demand with AWS-Powered Architecture from IMT & SoDA

Los Angeles Chargers Choose SoDA as their Content Migration and Hybrid Cloud Solution

Esports Gaming company Chooses SoDA for Hybrid Cloud Media Management

Data Sheets

Data Sheet

Simple, Ecosystem-wide Data Management and Orchestration

Solution Briefs

SoDA + VAST: Powering Automated Data Management for VAST DATA's Universal Storage

SoDA + IPV Integration Provides Cost-Effective Archive and Insight to the Cloud

Reach Engine

Levels Beyond REACH ENGINE and SoDA Data Management Software Modernize Dynamic Media Orchestration

Dalet’s Ooyala Flex Media Platform Integrates with SoDA Modernizing AI/ML in the Cloud

CatDV Expands Cloud Data Management Functionality with the Integration of SoDA Software

SoDA+StorageGRID Provides Instant Access and Cost Effective Archive with Multi-site Protection

White Papers

White Paper: Video Production Now Requires Hybrid and Collaboration Workflows

By: SoDA, IMT, Dell Technologies, Nvidia, & AMD

White Paper: SoDA Enables Cost Effective Data Movement

By: Tom Coughlin

White Paper: Integrating Cost and Time into MAM Workflows

By: Roy Burns

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