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CloudSoda Selected For AWS M&E Customer Experience Center (CXC) in New York City!

We are delighted to announce that CloudSoda, an established AWS media supply chain and archive and media intelligence partner, has been chosen to join the newly inaugurated AWS M&E Customer Experience Center (CXC) in New York City. This milestone represents the culmination of our ongoing collaboration with AWS, and we are eagerly looking forward to participating in this exciting journey.

The challenges in the media and entertainment (M&E) industry are evolving. The quest to produce content rapidly and distribute it to a broader audience has never been more pronounced. Recognizing the increased demand for more dynamic user experiences and superior media tooling discussions, AWS has historically showcased revolutionary M&E solutions at esteemed industry events like the NAB Show and the IBC. However, these demonstrations were available for a limited time each year.

Enter the AWS M&E Customer Experience Center—located within the sprawling 8,000-square-foot AWS Builder Studio on 5th Avenue, Midtown Manhattan. This center, complete with an Innovation Showroom, serves as a platform for AWS partners, like us at CloudSoda, to display trailblazing products and tools developed on AWS. The aim? To foster deeper interactions around cloud-based content production and enhance user experiences.

Here’s what to expect:

Content Creation Showcase: AWS presents an amalgamation of film, TV file-based production, and a virtual production studio. The centerpiece is an immersive experience involving a live video meshed with a virtual race track from Unreal Engine. From the pre-production stages with the Virtual Art Department to integrating top-tier tech like Unreal Engine, RED Digital Cinema cameras, and LG Electronics’ OLED displays, the journey culminates in a seamless transfer to Amazon S3, offering customers a firsthand look into the entire creative sequence hosted on AWS, encompassing video/sound editorial, color grading, quality checks, and more.

Live Cloud Production Showcase: Offers insights into producing broadcast-standard live events, whether sports, news, or other significant occasions. The AWS infrastructure seamlessly transfers live feeds in UHD quality to AWS Elemental MediaConnect. The lab also introduces the Grabyo Producer Control Room solution, where operators can manage a live show from anywhere, eliminating location constraints. Integrating graphics, conducting live surveys, and measuring audience engagement have been made simpler and more interactive.

CloudSoda’s Cloud Data Management Platform within the AWS ecosystem harnesses accelerated data movement as its foundational feature to enable intelligent data upload to AWS for access to media assets to leverage vendors included in the Showcase and archive and preserve media assets. This approach capitalizes on the advantages of cloud-based tools and collaboration, cost-efficiency, and enhanced accessibility. Advanced data movement is pivotal in optimizing data organization and fostering seamless collaboration across geographically dispersed teams. With our inclusion in this initiative, together with AWS, we look forward to driving further advancements in the M&E industry and offering unparalleled solutions to our customers.

Join us in this exciting chapter as we redefine the future of media and entertainment!

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