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Why Tape Backup is Dead in Media and Entertainment

Data Management Leveraging Dell PowerScale and ECS

In the dynamic ecosystem of media workflows, companies, including industry leaders like Dell, face the daunting challenge of managing a diverse array of storage environments. From the high-speed demands of on-premises PowerScale file storage to the scalable realms of private Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) and public cloud options, and even the nuances of direct attached workstation storage, the complexity of orchestrating data across these varied platforms is a significant industry pain point.

Addressing these challenges, CloudSoda’s Global  Data Management Platform stands out as a key innovator—a modern, cloud-native solution that’s acutely aware of on-premises requirements. This platform empowers media companies to orchestrate sophisticated data movements with ease, offering a unified, intuitive interface designed to streamline and simplify the complexities of diverse storage management.

Key Highlights:

  • Unified Data Management: Streamlines complex data orchestration across various storage types, including PowerScale, ECS, and cloud options.
  • Flexible Architecture with Local Agents: Offers a modular design with local agents for diverse storage systems, ensuring efficient data movement and connectivity.
  • Efficient Data Movement Control: Features encrypted, WAN-optimized transfers and a policy-based engine for precise data movement scheduling and execution.
  • Robust API and Webhook Integration: Enhances orchestration with a REST API and webhook support for external system integration and real-time transfer monitoring.

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