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Leveraging Media & Entertainment Multi-Cloud Infrastructure to Avoid Hidden Costs

Are cloud data migration costs and time constraints impeding your business?

Data movement across vast geographical locations is an increasingly common and necessary part of today’s digital landscape—thus, the ability to efficiently move data is the lifeblood of every modern business. Nevertheless, leveraging the connectivity between on-prem and cloud infrastructure can result in far too many hidden costs.

Unfortunately, those hidden costs are all based on access and retrieval times. After all, the cloud Service Level Agreements (SLA) differ depending on your data’s storage tier. As a result, the speed at which you access or move your data translates directly to how much your cloud vendor charges you—the faster you want it, the more you pay. In short, you may be forced to spend much more of your budget to reduce production time.

Worse yet, not only is managing your unstructured data challenging enough, but also, having to factor in data migration costs and the time it takes to access data between on-prem and cloud can cripple an organization’s ability to streamline the business. Let’s face it, data and its dependencies are becoming more complex by the day. 

Alas, this complexity means that choosing the suitable tiers of data storage can be exceedingly tricky, especially without the insight required to make the right choice. epancies, and placed a burden upon resources that would be better allocated to more pressing business matters.

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