CloudSoda is Acquiring DataIntell to Augment our Data Management Capabilities for the AI Era

There is no dispute that data is a company’s most important asset today and critical as we enter the AI future. Historically disparate computing models and data practices, including diverse protocols, multi-vendor environments, hybrid cloud, and the emergence and importance of the edge, have left data fragmented and unavailable with little ability to extract its true value. These issues, as well as data governance and security, have created a complex environment for data management that requires completely new thinking and perspective.

For AI to succeed, companies must avoid vendor lock-in and own their data strategy.  CloudSoda’s vision from the start has been to focus on the data and eliminate infrastructure barriers to data management. We’ve created a seamless, interoperable environment for all unstructured data regardless of protocols, geographic locations, or cloud structures. Data must be accessible and highly mobile while simultaneously being governed and highly secure. These capabilities enable numerous value-creating opportunities, from collaboration and sharing between disparate teams to training AI models. All of this needs to happen in an environment that is simple to operate so that the focus can be on value creation, not infrastructure barriers.

CloudSoda’s historic strengths are data movement, workflows, and collaboration. The acquisition of DataIntell enhances these strengths by providing new capabilities for our customers to integrate data insights into their existing workflows. To address the full data lifecycle management, customers need to know what data they have, where it’s located, and what makes sense to move before they could take any action.

Now CloudSoda customers with the addition of DataIntell’s technology can search metadata and run storage analytics to understand the value of their unstructured data for purposes such as cost reduction, archiving, internal chargebacks, or input for AI models. DataIntell’s fast web search capability allows files to be located quickly, and its indexing feature enables data classification, supporting data governance strategies and automated workflows. The new CloudSoda now provides an end-to-end data management capability that enterprise customers require.

We have broken down the barriers to fragmented data. We are providing a Modern Data Management Platform to help CIOs’ and Chief Data Officers to build their data management strategies with automation and workflows to enable them to maintain control and visibility of their most valuable asset.

Join us as we embark on the next phase of our journey. Let us help you build your data management foundation to ready you for the AI Era!