CloudSoda Enterprise Data Intelligence

CloudSoda Enterprise Data Intelligence is a data management and analytics solution designed to help companies manage and analyze their storage use across the storage landscape. It provides a centralized view of all your data independent of vendor, allowing users to gain insights for actionable intelligence.

Intelligent Data Management

The CloudSoda Platform focuses on intelligent data management, which is crucial for protecting data and optimizing storage use.

Data Insights & Visualization

Understand and visualize your data comprehensively with dynamic graphs, charts, and diagrams, uncovering trends, correlations, and anomalies in real time to enable swift, data-driven actions.

Data Policy & Governance

Build a robust data governance strategy to manage access and data sets for AI policy controls, gaining a comprehensive view of your data landscape with insights into storage variations, high-activity projects, and duplicated files for informed decision-making.


Enhance productivity with an advanced search engine that efficiently indexes and retrieves data across your infrastructure, uncovering cold data, duplicates, and usage trends for better organization and workflow.

Advanced Analytics

Leverage CloudSoda’s Enterprise Data Intelligence analytic capabilities to optimize storage management and provide valuable insights into data usage.

Customer Benefits include:

  • Identification of Old and Unused Files: This helps pinpoint files that are no longer in use, which can assist in optimizing storage by removing or archiving them.
  • Insights into Data Changes over Time: This feature provides detailed insights into how data changes over time, allowing users to track modifications and manage data more effectively.
  • Detection of File Duplication: This feature can detect duplicate files, which helps reduce redundant data and optimize storage use.
  • Analysis of Used Space: Analyzes the space used across various storage devices, providing a clear picture of storage consumption and helping in capacity planning.
  • Project-Based Management: Allows users to manage data by projects, which can streamline operations and improve organizational efficiency.
  • Search Across Infrastructure: This feature enables robust search capabilities across the entire storage infrastructure, making it easier to locate and manage data.

These analytics features can help organizations make better decisions, optimize storage use, and enhance overall data management practices.

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