CloudSoda Enterprise Complete

Putting data at the center, CloudSoda provides an end-to-end data management platform. Benefit from a comprehensive view of your data landscape enabling data-driven actions and automated workflows. Offering enterprise companies and cloud service providers an unparalleled secure solution for AI-ready data.

Lack of Insights

It’s all about data. However, lacking visibility prevents many organizations from fully understanding and utilizing their most valuable assets. The growth of data across various storage systems from multiple vendors and locations creates silos, leading to a significant lack of unified visibility.

Managing Risk, Monetization, & Cost Savings

Having a clear picture of your assets is crucial for effective decision-making. Whether you aim to monetize your data, establish a robust data governance framework, or develop a data growth strategy, clarity is vital.

Build Your Data Management Foundation

Discover your data assets across your data landscapes

CloudSoda Enterprise Complete scans unstructured data across edge, on-prem, and cloud environments. The platform classifies files and folders across the organization and presents data in impactful dashboards to view data usage patterns, trends, and insights.

Leverage Your Data Index for Actionable Insights

  • Gain global storage visibility across all your storage silos
  • Discover duplicate or “cold data” rarely used
  • Identify usage patterns by individual, group or project
  • Leverage powerful search capabilities to find files and folders fast
  • Build and implement a policy-based data management foundation

The Benefits of CloudSoda Enterprise Complete

Unlock your data’s full potential with our comprehensive suite of tools designed to manage costs, mitigate risks, monetize data, streamline user experience, automate workflows, and efficiently manage your data lifecycle.

Manage Costs

  • Calculate storage costs across storage assets on-prem or in the cloud.
  • Seamlessly move your data according to policy for storage cost optimization at the edge, on-prem or in the cloud.

Manage Risk for Data Governance

  • Create logical groupings of data sourced from heterogeneous storage systems across storage.
  • Sort and find your data based on intelligent insights and metadata management.

Monetize Data

  • Identify data and usage by organization.
  • Assign data classification to categorize data based on data strategy.
  • Use data for artificial intelligence, machine learning, marketing, and in internal functions for showback/chargeback.
  • Plan and forecast internal storage costs based on usage

Easy-to-Use Interface

  • Fast search for all your files at lightning speed.
  • Role-based user interface provides easy navigation.
  • Leverage charts and filters for quick drill downs into data insights .
  • Download search results into CSV formats.
  • Download and generate visual PDF reports.

Integrate & Automate Workflows

  • Integrate with your existing APIs to automate workflows.
  • Trigger notifications when thresholds are reached.
  • Move and migrate the right data at the right time.

Manage Your Data Lifecycle

  • Gain capacity by optimizing data storage costs through tiering and archiving to on-prem and public clouds.

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