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Solution Brief

CloudSoda + CatDV

Streamlined Media Workflow Management

In today’s media landscape, the management of diverse assets spread across various storage solutions is paramount. Optimizing the lifecycle management of these assets, encompassing descriptive metadata, workflow orchestration, and intelligent data movement with acceleration, is critical for enhancing the efficiency of the media supply chain.

With the increasing adoption of a hybrid model in this supply chain, which leverages cloud resources for elasticity and durability, come both benefits and challenges, including heightened complexity and costs. The integration of a Media Asset Management (MAM) system with a data mover equipped with workflow insights provides the much-needed visibility and simplicity to optimize both budget and timelines.

Simplify Your Media Workflow with CatDV
CatDV simplifies the process of content browsing across various storage types, significantly improving search efficiency from hours or days to mere seconds. Its platform automates metadata enrichment based on folder structures and ingest points, accompanied by robust logging capabilities for efficient search, collaboration, and automation. Importantly, all these functions can be performed within CatDV before CloudSoda initiates data transfers across the entire storage ecosystem or to and from the public cloud.

Streamlined Integration with CloudSoda
CloudSoda’s Cloud Data Management Platform seamlessly integrates with the CatDV Media Platform through comprehensive APIs, allowing customers to automate content movement between on-premises and cloud storage. This integration also provides real-time insights into ingest and retrieval costs, all accessible through the CatDV interface.

With CloudSoda, users gain the capability to determine the true cost and time required for cloud data retrieval before committing to file transfers. This empowers precise budget control and enables intelligent decisions regarding data utilization and access. With the CatDV and CloudSoda data management integration, complete data control is now at your fingertips, regardless of its location.

CloudSoda also accelerates data movement to and from the cloud. Whether in the same region or dealing with latency, CloudSoda is a great choice for offloading the burden of moving massive data with CatDV, a tool that can enhance the user experience by accelerating content to wherever.

Why Choose CatDV & CloudSoda

CloudSoda — Cloud Data Management Platform
CloudSoda stands as the world’s leading and award-winning Cloud Data Management Platform, simplifying data management on a global scale. It offers comprehensive control over data in both on-premises and cloud environments, catering to diverse industries such as media, entertainment, post-production, and sports entertainment. Leveraging predictive analytics and customizable policies, CloudSoda seamlessly orchestrates data across tiers, optimizing performance and reducing costs. Its user-friendly interface and transparent pricing make it an ideal choice for organizations seeking efficient data management.

CloudSoda’s API and Webhooks ensure seamless integration with various media workflows, ensuring smooth data transfers. Purpose-built plugins designed for Media Asset Management (MAM) platforms expedite data movement and facilitate cost analytics. By empowering businesses to harness data’s full potential in a cost-effective manner, CloudSoda drives superior data management processes and delivers enhanced business outcomes. Join CloudSoda as it continues to lead the way in advanced Cloud Data Management.

CloudSoda provides accelerated data movement to any tier of cloud storage from hot to cold and automates storing and retrieving data from these tiers while notifying the customer of the time and cost.

CatDV – Media Management Platform
CatDV is a dynamic media management platform that enhances organizational communication and collaboration, offering an extensive suite of scalable, cross-platform tools. This platform creates catalogs encompassing various media types and metadata, including video, images, audio files, and documents, through advanced metadata analysis. CatDV caters to organizations of all sizes, from small production groups with hundreds of assets to large multinational enterprises with millions of assets, scaling to meet diverse organizational needs.