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CloudSoda and Dell Technologies: Shaping the Future of Data Management Together

CloudSoda, a leader in Cloud Data Management, is joining forces with Dell Technologies through the Extended Technologies Complete (ETC) platform. This collaboration aims to enhance customer data insights, regardless of data location, enabling more intelligent business decisions.

Introducing ETC
ETC, or Extended Technologies Complete, is a pioneering collection of integrated third-party solutions that complement Dell Technologies’ advanced enterprise servers, storage, and networking offerings. Its mission? To provide businesses with comprehensive, integrated solutions that drive growth and innovation.

Uniting with Dell for Seamless Integration
This significant collaborative effort facilitates easy access for Dell’s sales force and partners to CloudSoda’s advanced platform and solutions. It promises a smooth and predictable experience in every interaction, bridging any gaps in service and technology.

The Importance of Working Togther
The strength of CloudSoda’s next-gen platform lies in its ability to move, manage, and calculate data costs swiftly. It connects various points on Dell’s Unstructured Data Storage (UDS) or non-Dell storage platforms. This versatility enables Dell’s SEs and service experts to gain deeper insights and manage data across any client’s storage infrastructure, thus enhancing the overall service and solution delivery.

The Array of Benefits We Bring to the Table:

  • Integrated Quoting: Easily bundle CloudSoda offerings alongside top-tier storage solutions like Dell PowerScale and ObjectScale.
  • Demystifying Data Management: With CloudSoda at the helm, navigate effortlessly through data repatriation, migrations, and archiving challenges.
  • Accelerated Data Movement: Our leading-edge technologies optimize data transfer speeds, ensuring swift and efficient data migration and replication in cloud environments.
  • A Panoramic View: Our platform provides an in-depth analysis of cloud storage expenses, complementing on-site and cloud-based infrastructures.
  • Seamless Procurement: Via Dell, channel partners can now access a full solution spectrum, ensuring a unified and transparent experience.
  • Rapid Onboarding: Our offerings, shaped as intuitive SaaS solutions, ensure businesses are up and running in minutes.

The Road Ahead
This collaboration symbolizes more than just two industry leaders converging; it’s the dawn of a new data storage and management age. With the evolving landscape of storage, encompassing both on-premises and cloud realms, CloudSoda, in tandem with Dell Technologies, is at the forefront, sculpting solutions that are groundbreaking, efficient, and indispensable for the enterprises of tomorrow.