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October 24-26

Cincinnati Reds

Professional baseball team the Cincinnati Reds faced a daunting challenge—providing players with immediate access to game footage for post-game analysis, a crucial aspect of improving gameplay. Despite having a dedicated app, the team continued hitting bottlenecks in accessing video data transferred to Azure. Meanwhile, legacy solutions proved unreliable and sluggish, prompting the Reds to explore a more robust and efficient alternative.

Enter CloudSoda—the literal game-changer the Reds had been seeking. Serving as a seamless video data transfer linchpin, CloudSoda revolutionized the Reds’ workflow, streamlining it so video footage could be promptly captured and uploaded during games to their NetApp storage infrastructure. Real-time data tagging further enhanced the value of video data, facilitating swift transfer to a designated Azure video storage vault.

In this case study, we delve into how CloudSoda helped transform the Reds’ operations, yielding substantial benefits. From significant time savings to enhanced productivity, CloudSoda has become the Reds’ secret weapon, delivering a notable boost in performance for players and staff alike.