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October 24-26

Enabling Powerful Data Cost Insights While Accelerating Data Movement

Managing unstructured data is challenging enough. However, having to factor in the time and cost of moving content across your organization, whether on-prem or the cloud, can cripple an organization’s ability to streamline the business. Data movement can also include media workflows from ingest to archive, adding complexity.

To add further to the frustration, hidden costs based on access and retrieval times can significantly impact budgets, as cloud vendors charge more for faster data access, storage cost, and egress fees. And though it’s crucial to have insight into migration costs before execution, even so-called cloud cost calculators are too complex, inaccurate, and provide a narrow view of actual costs, wasting time and money.

In the 60-minute webinar, discover how to optimize their data movement strategy, including ingest, archive, cloud migrations, and repatriation, to reduce costs while ensuring efficient access to their data. 

Topics include how to:

  • Effectively manage unstructured data movement in the cloud. 
  • Insightfully choose between various storage tiers and SLAs.
  • Leverage the connectivity between on-prem and cloud infrastructure to mitigate hidden costs.
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