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How to Optimize Media Workflows with Cloud Bursting

If you’re a post-production company looking to expand your operations while reducing capital expenditures, bursting media workflows could be a game-changer. It’s becoming increasingly popular because it enables media companies to spin up and down resources as needed, only paying for what they use.

However, one challenge of using cloud infrastructure is accessing data quickly and securely in native formats. That’s where cloud bursting comes in—it temporarily expands a media production workflow to the cloud to handle peak or unexpected demand, ultimately enabling companies to maximize their on-prem resources and expand their work without making a significant CAPEX purchase.

This flexibility is especially beneficial for production creatives working on-premises or remotely with limited access to the tools they need or when multiple users require simultaneous access to a single project.

Utilizing cloud infrastructure allows businesses to scale their media workflows to handle peak demand while reducing associated or hidden migration costs. Bursting to the cloud can also help avoid delays and ensure projects with tight deadlines are delivered on time.

To ensure a successful burst strategy, leveraging a tool with built-in data acceleration and built-in end-to-end encryption is critical. Acceleration can speed up data transfer to and from the cloud while maintaining data security, which is especially beneficial for large media files that require high-speed transfers.

Having a strategy with load balancing and automatic failover in case of downtime ensures that the data is always available to cloud applications, including sudden spikes in demand. In addition, having an agent-based model allows resources to be automatically scaled up and down as needed, reducing costs and improving overall efficiency.

Bursting to the cloud may include tools offered by cloud providers, including video editing, VFX, Speech to text, closed captioning, AI with object and facial recognition, and many more.

Modern media production solutions are committed to providing secure and accelerated data movement. These solutions represent the entirety of media workflow data, enabling content ingestion, camera-to-cloud workflow, archive, content collaboration, and much more, all while providing insightful cost visibility and advanced business intelligence for any storage type.

By using the right accelerated data movement application, businesses can leverage the benefits of cloud infrastructure while maintaining data security and integrity throughout the media workflow bursting process.

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