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DataIntell announces strategic partnership with CloudSoda to deliver accelerated data movement and storage cost analytics.

DataIntell, a North American storage analytics and data management technology provider, has announced today the newly formed strategic partnership with CloudSoda, the world’s leading provider of accelerated data movement and storage cost analytics solutions.

CloudSoda, a California-based company, is renowned for providing the world’s most secure solutions in its industry. The company’s platform enables powerful data-cost insights and seamless collaboration—providing the ability to work faster and more efficiently by removing the otherwise common barriers of dispersed data. 

CloudSoda’s revolutionary platform, purpose-built for the media and entertainment industry, delivers unprecedented control of the entire storage ecosystem. More so, the platform enables content ingestion, camera-to-cloud workflow, archive, content collaboration, and much more while providing insightful cost visibility and advanced business intelligence (BI) for any storage type.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with CloudSoda,” commented Olivier Rivard, President & CTO, DataIntell. “Data has become the lifeblood of success for the media and entertainment industry. However, managing data movement, interoperability, and controlled access within on-prem and cloud storage infrastructures, while trying to maintain budgets often results in companies being mired in complexity and unable to achieve business success. However, with CloudSoda’s advanced data movement and cost analytics solution, media and entertainment companies can now experience seamless control and visibility of their entire global storage ecosystem.” 

“Adding seamless cross-brand platform functionality to data workflow environments is, in our opinion, paramount to the success of post-production, sports, VFX, animation companies, and more,” said Greg Holick, Vice President of Product at CloudSoda. “This partnership perfectly reinforces our goal to enable companies to manage content ingestion, camera-to-cloud workflow, archive, and content collaboration—all while experiencing insightful cost visibility and advanced business intelligence (BI) for any storage type.”

The cross-platform functionality of DataIntell and CloudSoda will now include a single-pane-of-glass for all storage, on-premises, archives, and cloud, the ability to find duplicated files between multiple storage sources, and the ability to easily migrate on-premises data and tape to scalable, affordable cloud storage.