CloudSoda + Cloud Migration

The Challenge

Unstructured data migration whether on premises or to the cloud can be extremely complex. Migrating unstructured data across different islands of storage with different protocols and keeping this within budget is a challenge. Having a data migration strategy that gives you predictive analytics around the data set, speed, and cost of the migration can save time and money.

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CloudSoda + Cloud Migration

The CloudSoda Solution

CloudSoda helps you understand the value of data, your storage cost and the time and expense associated with data movement. Whether you’re archiving data on-prem or to public or private clouds, CloudSoda provides users with a comprehensive and executable data management application that is flexible enough to contend with the complexities of managing multiple storage targets.

Understand <span>Cost</span>

Understand Cost

CloudSoda's predictive analytics calculate the cost of data transfers giving you the intelligence you need to choose the right tier of storage for your hot and cold data.

Storage <span>Agnostic</span>

Storage Agnostic

CloudSoda is designed to put you in control over all the systems in your facility including SAN, NAS, Object and cloud protocols.

<span>Track</span> Data Movement

Track Data Movement

CloudSoda enables organizations to monitor, track and tag every job by user, group, project, or department to quickly and easily know who moved what data where and when the transfer occurred.

How it works

How it works

How CloudSoda Solves Cloud Migration

Understand costs associated with moving the data


The number one question asked by customers is: how much is this going to cost? Insight into the cost of migrating data to and from the cloud before execution is imperative. CloudSoda enables you to make intelligent decisions as to what data to migrate to and from the cloud in real-time utilizing your actual data sets.

Cloud calculators are available and tout the ability to give you predictive cost, but these are extremely complex, not ultimately accurate, and only give small glimpses into actual costs. CloudSoda gives you the tools to filter and locate data sets, select different tiers of storage, estimate costs associated with each tier, select different buckets of their actual data and execute a “dry run” to give an accurate cost estimate for the migration intended.

Understand the time it takes to move data to and from the cloud


The cost of data migration is extremely important but understanding the time it will take to migrate that data to and from the cloud is not something to take for granted. By monitoring the network infrastructure both on-premises and in the cloud, CloudSoda enables users to understand how much time it will take to push data sets to the cloud and the retrieval of that data.

Service Level Agreements (SLA) from the cloud can differ depending on what tier your data is being stored on; CloudSoda intelligently deciphers these differences, scans the data and enables you to use things like standard bulk and expedited to get your data in a timely manner while considering the cost implications of doing so. CloudSoda analyzes the time and cost of previous data migrations in order to predict future expenditures both in terms of time and money.

Determine which data to migrate through robust filtering mechanism and policies


With overwhelming amounts of data constantly being collected, it has become increasingly more important to filter these data sets to ensure only the most valuable data is being migrated to the cloud. For instance, organizations may want to skip temp files and folders, filter by date modified, or last access to the files. CloudSoda has a robust filter mechanism to set policies by file, type, age, access, or modify to organize and plan which data sets to migrate up to the cloud. CloudSoda enables data to be viewed in its native format on the cloud making it easy to find and migrate back.

Provide valuable insight into choosing the right storage tier


How frequently data is being accessed can have major implications as to which tier of storage to choose. Depending on data access patterns such as real-time analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, proxy-based video editing or transcoding in the cloud, or simply archive and disaster recovery, a strategy that involves multiple tiers of storage is likely necessary. CloudSoda gives the insight to ensure you are migrating the right data to the right tier, saving time and money.

Track data movement by user, group, or project


Typically, applications used for data migration are connecting to the cloud as a single user, but many organizations have multiple departments and multiple groups, each needing to track and budget separately. As these organizations attempt to consolidate their data management into as few as possible data infrastructures, challenges occur when trying to identify data costs on a more granular level. Data administrators and CFOs are wasting valuable time trying to figure out and categorize data movements and costs after the fact. CloudSoda enables these organizations to track all data movement by user, group, project, or department to quickly and easily know how much data is being migrated to and from the cloud for intercompany chargeback and billback purposes.

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